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Our mastering engineers utilize advanced tools and techniques to optimize the clarity, balance, and overall impact of your audio. We carefully analyze the frequency response, stereo imaging, and dynamic range, making precise adjustments to enhance the tonal balance and ensure that each element blends seamlessly together. Our goal is to preserve the integrity and emotion of your original recordings while adding the final touch of professionalism that will captivate your audience.

In Person Session

Sent-in Master

Starts at $60/hour

Starts at $150/song

Includes studio and engineer. 2 hour minimum.

Up to 15 Stems. More than 15 stems will be an additional $50.

Includes 1st revision up to 1 hour.

Includes 1 free revision.

$60/hour after 1st revision (1 hour minimum).

$20 for each additional revision.

Contact for Album mastering rates.

Contact for Album mastering rates.

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