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Upstairs Basement

Step into the world of premium music production at an affordable price. Equipped with our high quality gear and cutting-edge technology, The Upstairs Basement provides an immersive environment where every detail is crafted to ensure exceptional sound production. This room is for the musicians who demand nothing but the best. Our clients put their songs on repeat for hours after recording in this room.


Starts at $60/hour

Includes engineer. 2 hour minimum.

$40/hour with no engineer.


The Skybox

Presented by Grindhaus Studios

Experience our premier recording studio room. This top-tier facility is equipped with the finest gear, delivering an exceptional recording environment suitable for bands and musicians working with instruments like drums, vocals, bass, guitar, and piano. With a focus on precision and clarity, 'The Skybox' ensures that every recording captures the nuanced details, providing a professional and immersive listening experience. Elevate your recording sessions with the unparalleled quality and versatility offered by 'The Skybox,' setting a new standard for your musical endeavors."


Starts at $100/hour

Includes engineer. 2 hour minimum.

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