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Meet The Team


Preston Chumley


Tyson Kelly "TK"


Preston Chumley
is the Founder and Chief Engineer of Upstairs Basement. He discovered his passion seven years ago and quickly knew that he would be making music for the rest of his life. Preston initially pursued the college path, but soon realized it wasn’t his true calling. Opting instead for an education at the “Recording Connection,” he earned certification in audio engineering and music production. His passion for working with musicians made him realize that he enjoyed helping others with their music as much as he enjoyed creating his own. Meeting Tyson was pivotal in Preston’s journey, as Tyson pushed him to work at various studios, ultimately leading to their collaboration in Upstairs Basement. Preston is excited to connect with more talents and expand Upstairs Basement to its fullest potential.

Tyson “TK” Kelly
is the Chief Engineer and Producer at Upstairs Basement. After graduating from UNC-Charlotte, TK soon realized his love for music production outweighed his 9 to 5 job in politics. This drove him to drop everything and begin his professional career as a Audio Engineer/Producer in 2018. Since then he has worked with talented artists such as Brent Faiyaz, Kevin Powers, TLE Cinco, and Kash Kyla. As well as professional athletes like Miles Bridges, Terrell Edmunds, and Kennedy Meeks. From one studio to the next, TK acquired more experience and clientele. Meeting Preston in 2018 finally came full circle as they opened USB in 2023. As a Charlotte native, TK continues to be driven to uplift and support local music and it’s community in his hopes to push it to the next level.

Our Story

The name Upstairs Basement was initially developed in September of 2017. Preston and his friend Lucas had a profound love for music which influenced them to give recording a try for themselves. We all know the feeling... ordering a cheap microphone and interface online and grabbing an old pair of headphones to use while attempting to make your first song. A memory that will never be forgotten. Once you create the first one, all you want to do is create more. It was like being locked in a basement except for the fact that the room we recorded in was upstairs. That's how we got the name.

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